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Part of beauty lies in perfection.

Consider a fine work of leather—selected from the tannery with a knowing eye, molded and stitched into being by a master craftsman. It’s the definitive expression of itself. Sturdy yet supple, fits your foot like it was made for you alone. Feels so right around the waist, you can’t help but let it speak for itself.

Rests so comfortably in your pocket, you forget it’s there—then catches a glance when it’s time to pay the bill. Varies in shape, form, color—just enough that every moment gets what it calls for. And genuine. So it gets better and better, year after year. Those are the details. The rest is an art.

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Our Story

"Pabder has become a familiar brand throughout the ages and has become synonymous to quality and comfort."

Lotteria International Company is a service-oriented retail company established in 1985 exclusively retailing the brand Pabder. What began as a small business specializing in men’s leather shoes has evolved into a brand known for handcrafted, genuine quality leather products for men and ladies. From our first store in Greenhills, we have grown and are now operating with eighteen (18) branches. Our goal is simple—to sell to as many satisfied customers as possible.

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30+ years of innovation and excellence

Pabder a serviced oriented purveyor of leather goods was established in 1985. What began as a small business specializing in men’s leather shoes has evolved into a brand known for handcrafted genuine quality leather goods. Today Pabder carries a variety of products for both men and women with a large range of style choices

  • 1985
  • 1988
  • 1995
  • 2007
  • 2010
  • 2012
  • 2016
  • 2017

Pabder was created to cater to the discriminating individual. Those who look for premium leather goods


Premium leather dress shoes was offered with crocodile leather and ostrich leather. Further elevating our menswear merchandise to global recognition.


Pabder logo was rebranded and streamlined. The year that Pabder leather handbags are introduced to the market.


The introduction of “Pabder Donna”, Pabder’s own womenswear.


Pabder Uomo & Donna launched our all-time best seller the soft leather driving shoe line.


launched “Pabder Bambini” Kids wear.


A further modernification of our brand identity starting with its iconic dog’s head logo and store concept which features a new website and brick & mortar store design.


launched of our first and only official e-shop. Evolution of products with better quality and greater value.

Materials Matter

All Pabder products are made with 100% genuine leather.

Leather shows beauty over time. It is personal, as it acquires characteristics of the individual the more its being used.

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Wrinkles and fading is a natural process in the life of leather goods. The surface of leather will develop in color, the patina made by wear and tear is suppose to reflect the wearer over time.

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